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The Story Behind My Painted Quilts

Iris Garden Quilt

Hi, my name is Jeannie.  I love to quilt….I mean I REALLY love it ….a lot!  I only started my collection of fabrics about twelve years ago.  That is what it has turned out to be, after all… a VERY large (7 Rubbermaid Tubs full!) collection of fabric.  I have made nearly 80 quilts in the past twelve years.  The story of how this particular quilt came to be, is what turned my quilting career in a different direction.

A few years ago, I found a yard and a half remnant of the iris fabric seen in the borders of my Iris Garden Quilt.  It wasn’t much yardage, so I decided that I would make a center panel with appliqued irises.  I would then use the remnant fabric as borders.  Hmmm….I didn’t really want to applique! But I could already picture this quilt in my mind with iris blooms in the center.  Suddenly it occurred to me….. I could paint a center panel! I discovered that the latest fabric paints are soft and flexible when dried, and very suitable for quilting.

I have been painting in various mediums for nearly 40 years. Why not? Wow, a whole new craft world opened up for me! That is how the Iris Garden Quilt came to be, and here are the steps that lead to that wonderful quilt.  Mind you, I did not have a quilt in mind when ….

I took a photo of my neighbor’s Iris Garden.

My neighbor’s Garden

Then I painted three beautiful blooms in oils, on a 16 x 20 canvas

Oil Painting of Iris Garden

When I decided to make the quilt center panel, I dreaded trying to make an appliqued piece.  Instead, I sketched the pattern on to my fabric, then I matched the paints to my fabric. Then my real fun began!!

First step

This was after just a few blooms were done

After painting the first few blooms…

Wouldn’t you love to start a quilt with this as the center panel? Well, I have turned this beautiful painted panel into a fabric panel. Now you can order this work of art, frame it, or make it the focal point of your next quilt.

Iris Garden Center Panel

For info on ordering this beautiful print on fabric,  just Click on the  Patterns, Tutorials, and Fabrics tab you’ll find at the top right of this page. 

And just to give credit where it is due, the Iris Garden Quilt was quilted by Peggy Barkle on her long arm machine. Peggy is a wonderful quilter, author, and speaker and I was so glad I chose her to do this very special quilt.


Comments on: "The Story Behind My Painted Quilts" (7)

  1. What brand fabric paints do you use?

  2. Gary e Owens said:

    I have 20 plus year old quilt that has painted panels on it with trichem paints from my grand ma’S house i am trying to find out how to clean it and get some smells out of it without hurting it. any ideas?

  3. Wow very innovative. Its nice when you can combine several artistic mediums to produce the final product

  4. Wheeeeeeee!
    My Iris Garden panel arrived today. I am SOOOO excited and it’s even better IRL than one could ever imagine.
    Bless You Jeannie!!! for your talents and for sharing them with me/us!
    I’m not going to rush into making it up …. something so glorious as this needs time on its side, to ensure I make a “right” choice on how to finish it up.
    I’ll be looking forward to ideas that you might want to share, as well!
    Regards, QuiltE

  5. I received this email today from a satisfied buyer:
    The shoes arrived today!!! I absolutely love them. I had forgotten about the yard of smaller shoe fabric that you had said you were sending. I had no idea that they would be this beautiful. Thanks for everything. I wish others could see these in person and you would really have the sales. I hope you sell many.
    Sincerely, Joetta

  6. Cindi Hornak said:

    Jeannie, I love your work. I am one who contacted you about the painted shoes. In the near future, I will be buying the painted iris and the shoe patterns. Two questions, can you get the company that made the iris fabric to reissue it thru you as a coordinating fabric for your panel? Second, I am not a painter! Can I use your shoe pattern to applique the shoes? Thanks so much and I am thrilled that you are sharing your talents on the market! Cindi Hornak

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