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The Shoe Quilt Story

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Here is a photo of my hand painted shoe quilt. It is called “Head over Heels!”  

I have developed patterns for folks who have seen and love my Head over Heels! shoe quilt. There is a very stylish uptown shoe hand painted in the middle of each square.  I’ve written some really detailed instructions, which are going to make this project fun even for a beginner. If you love to color and shade and outline the pictures…you would love painting on fabric to make your own quilt blocks! 

Head over Heels!

If you don’t have the confidence or the desire to paint your own squares, ….well lucky you!!  You will be able to purchase my custom designed fabrics. This is such a different avenue than painting your own fabric squares, but may be more suitable for many quilters/crafters.  You can end up with a quilt as elegant and unique as the one pictured, with only the usual quilting and embellishing you do to make any quilt. This digitally printed Quilt Store Quality fabric can be cut into nine 12 inch squares. I cut mine into 10.5″ x 12″ blocks, so that the quilt would be rectangular.  I also made wider sashing top and bottom of the blocks to add to that rectangular shape. You simply add your own sashing and borders to have a real work of art for the shoe lovers in your life!! When you’re through with the quilting, pick out embellishments to make this an even more personal work of art!!

Black Pump  from Head over Heels! Shoes Fabric

Teal Shoe after embellishments

Head over Heels! Shoe Fabric

So, here is the fabric panel that you can purchase and

use to make your very own quilt!

Panel of 9 shoes with bonus fabric

Tiny Tossed Shoes Fabric

I also have available another wonderful exclusive design, based on each of the shoes in the panel. I have it available on a white background only. I feel it will make beautiful sashing or border. This print is on 4 ounce Quilt Store Quality cotton and it is a whopping 46 inches wide!!  Each shoe is about two inches. Note they are copies of all shoes on the painted panel.

Use Contact Form page for any questions or to inquire about purchasing these special fabrics.

Comments on: "The Shoe Quilt Story" (19)

  1. Prestine Parten said:

    I would like to know how to purchase the tiny shoes fabric please!

  2. Janice Henderson said:

    I would like to know how to purchase the shoe panel

  3. Jo Anne Abel said:

    Can I get the pattern for this quilt?

  4. Mary Lou watson said:

    How can I order?

  5. I would love to purchase the head over heals fabric. Can you tell how to do so. I think you did a fabulous job with this.

    Thank you

  6. Nora Bennett said:

    I am interested in purchasing this fabric. Can you please tell me how much it is?

  7. LueRachelle Brim-Atkins said:

    I need to order the panel today. I started to this awhile back and got distracted, then couldn’t find your page.

  8. I don’t know anything about quilting. Is this feasible for me?

  9. DARLING ❤
    Love it

  10. I cannot believe how beautiful these are!

  11. I had no idea you were so talented in this area. I love your quilt. I would think it would be a shoe-in in any competition. It’s too bad we are hot all the time. I don’t know if the shoe pattern would go with our “decor”. You have any designs featuring lizards and scorpions? They’d be more appropriate here than fashion shoes.

  12. OH Susan … don’t let your newbie status scare you on this! The joy is that Jeannie has most of the work done for you … and you have some very simple sewing to put it all together for one dynamite quilte!!! YOU can definiltey “pull it off”!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck!!!!

    I’m looking forward to see all the variations that get showcased on the Quilting Board!! 🙂

  13. Oh my gosh – I am sooooo excited. I am very much a newbie quilter so this might be very much out of my league but I am thrilled that you are selling custom designed fabric!!!! My daughter will absolutely adore and cherish a shoe quilt if I am able to pull it off LOL Thank you so much!!

  14. Cathy Fuhr said:

    Sent an email and I am so very thrilled to see these are ready for ordering. I need panels for 4 gals & have decided to use the same polka dot for the borders. You do such lovely work! Keep up the nice job. Looking forward to seeing what is next.

  15. Geraldine said:

    Gotta make this quilt for a friend at work!!!!

  16. ♫♫♫♪♪ LOVE the musical addition to this page!! ♪♪♫♫♫

  17. Yeaaaaa! Already sales and happy customers.
    Wishing you much success in your new venture!!
    With Warm Wishes, QuiltE

  18. Melanie said:

    Sew very excited to recieve the shoe panel!! But… you already know that. It has been a HUGE pleasure working with you! 🙂

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