Painted Quilts made easy for you!!

Fabulous Samples of Shoe Quilts Made from Head over Heels! Panel

Fellow guild member Jerita turns out this beauty for daughter in law

Jerita H

Ann C. of Huntsville, AL completes her Head over Heels! quilt in record time!!!!

In less than three weeks from the time she ordered her fabric,

this clever version of the Head over Heels! quilt was finished! Great embellishments!

Great finished project!

Great finished project!

Martha W. produced this beauty for her daughter. She said, “I had the most fun adding the embellishments!! finally had to just stop to finish it in time!”

Look at the detail on this blue shoe!!!

MarthaWMartha W2

Now this is a first!! I made a Head over Heels! quilt with my printed panel! Sure was faster than painting the first ones!! This was a surprise for my daughter in law!! Karen Gayle

Karen shoe quilt 2014

From Cathy D…her version of Head over Heels!

Cathy D front

And from Collinsville, IL….

What a great use of the Tiny Tossed Shoe fabric as an alternate block!!!

This Head over Heels! quilt was made by Sharon S. of Collinsville, IL

Yeah, Sharon!

The most recent photos..

August 1, 2012

This just in from Judy C. of Mineral City, OH

Head over Heels! made for her Daughter in Law

Here’s a close up so you can see her FMQ work!!

A look at the backing fabric! so classy!


Mary B’s Head over Heels!  from La Crosse, WI

And another fabulous version appears on this site!! The fabrics used for the sashing and borders were just beautiful.

Mary B sent me samples by mail and I just loved her choices!!  It’s so much fun to me to see my “children” versions of my Head over Heels! quilt


Oh, wow, this is so much fun to see what others have done with just a panel of the Head over Heels! fabric and their wonderful imaginations!!!

Bejeweled Look closely at the gorgeous gem work!! This one was done by Cathy F, who still has more to make!! Looking forward to seeing those!

And from another talented lady comes

Melanie K did a fabulous job, check it out

If you think it’s the same idea for everyone, look at this one

Pam K put a real spin on this one, didn’t she??? How cute is this??

I received a note from the person who got this unique quilt as a gift. She wrote:

Hi!  I am her crazy sister in law and the receiver of her awesome quilt.  Of course you can pass the comment on to her. 🙂 Laura K


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  1. That Pam K sure knows how to quilt! That is beautiful!

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