Painted Quilts made easy for you!!

Customers Quilts!!

You cannot imagine how much fun it is for me to see the fabrics I’ve designed…used with the imagination of others!! Here are some of the finished products done by folks who have purchased fabric and panels from Painted Quilts!!


I recently finished my quilt with your iris panel.  

Although ysusan-iris-1-copyou can’t get the detail in this photo I think it turned out very nicely.  I did a running stitch in various colors around the flowers and leaves of the panel. The quilt was a gift for a friend who lost her Mother to cancer a few years ago.  Iris’ remind her of her Mother and your panel was perfect for the start of the quilt.  She also likes gray so I did a very simple random pattern of 6 inch blocks with purple rimming the panel and the finished quilt. She loved it!

Thanks again!

Susan                                  Nov. 2016



Hello Ms Jeannie,

My quilt isn’t done yet but I just thought I would share with u what I bought the fabric for. Your name will be on the quilt label. Your instructions have made it so easy! Thanks so much!!

Cathy D

Cathy D back Cathy D front

From Barbara U in Summerfield, FL

This quilt was made after she collected iris themed fabric for five years!! She and her friend designed

this magnificent quilt around my painted Iris Garden panel.

Wonderful use of fabrics!!

For all the Iris Garden lovers!!

Oh, wow, look at these borders!


Comments on: "Customers Quilts!!" (2)

  1. This is a gorgeous quilt! What a piece of work.

  2. This is beautiful. What a fantastic job Barbara U has done!

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